​Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse with Pool, Slide and Elevator

Barbie is one of the most iconic characters among children. Barbie dollhouse is a toy that every child aspires to have. This dream house dollhouse comes with a swimming pool, slide and an elevator. This carefully constructed dollhouse is not only fun for your kids but also will keep them occupied with its 70 accessories. It comes with household items like furniture, kitchen equipment, etc. and the children will love it.
It is incredible to see how your child turns into a decorator and organizes the dollhouse according to their preference.

Some salient features of Barbie dreamhouse dollhouse with pool, slide and elevator:

The dollhouse measures three feet in height and four feet in width. This structure features three stories with eight rooms, and It also has a working elevator and a swimming pool with a slide. The kids can play from any angle and set up the house as per their liking.

Fantastic features:
The dollhouse has some incredible and exciting features. It contains a working elevator that can accommodate four dolls at a time. It has an office area and car parking (you will have to purchase the cars separately.) A swimming pool on the second story that starts on the third floor. You can also will the pool with water to increase the fun.

More characteristics:
Some other features are, you can create realistic sounds by placing the frying pan on the stove and then by pressing the button beside it. The flush makes the flushing sound if you push the button on it. Same goes for the oven clock that ticks. The oven light also lights up when you open its door.

Two in one attribute:
You can open the couch to create a bunk bed, flip the coffee table to reveal a guest bed. The sink in the kitchen has a barbeque on one side, and an oven on the other. The kitchen sink also doubles as a recycling bin. The refrigerator has a food stand at its back.

The barbie dollhouse contains 70 items in total. These items help in storytelling, role play and interactive play where your child can play with their friends and have fun together.

No batteries or electricity is required, so it is safe for the kids.
More than one child can play with the dollhouse at a time.
The design is realistic in approach.
The structure is sturdy and strong

Is a bit expensive
You will have to purchase the dolls separately as it does not include any.

Barbie has always been a favourite with children and even adults. This Barbie dreamhouse dollhouse with pool, slide and elevator is a perfect present for your child. It takes hardly 45 minutes to assemble. You can present it as an ideal birthday or Christmas present. You must make sure that you do not give it to a child who is below three years because of choking hazard.

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