Preschool Learning- Importance And Tricks To Learn

” The Child supplies the power but the parents have to do the steering.”                                                                                                                                                      — Dr. Benjamin Spock

Learning is life long process. Pre School Learning means education before going to Kindergarten or School. We know children started learning from their birth, from their environment they also learn to eat food, speaking, recognition of images and the close relatives as well. In their learning process pre-school plays an important part. At the age of 3 some schools provide education for children with minimal fee. So, this early school education building a foundation for school education. A child whose education start early can be good in academics later. It is not Important as a parent we compulsory send our child to a pre school center. Most of the time, we want to send our children for learning to preschool but time and money do not allow us to do so. But don’t worry parents, we can build our children’s educational foundation at home also by simple steps.

Learning-by-doing or Play Way Method is a method in which a child enjoy learning and do not feel much stress. It will increase child’s mental strengths and confidence. It is also an alternative way of learning from apps and using tablets that available these days with high range of price. There are 4 activities below which parents can use at home study for their pre school children:-

Drawing & Painting – Fun In Pre  School Learning

To draw is fun for kids. They love to play with colors. They like to draw small shapes by their own. They may not be perfect but enjoy drawing lines and small shapes. It will help to them hold a pen and pencil later. By painting, they can fill colors in a pre drew image and learn about colors. They can use crayons and color pencils for coloring.

drawing and painting

Tricks For Drawing & Painting :- Give your child a paper and a pencil, say them to draw whatever they want to draw. Praise their drawing and then draw something by yourself a shape that they can learn and after that say them to fill colors. Suppose you draw a Triangle and said your child for paint in green color. In that way you taught you child three things: a triangle, green color and painting. So, fun and learning side by side.

Crafting Small Things Can Make Children Creative

Craft means skill in doing something. You think what a child of age 3 or 4 can craft; meaning in that age they are too little to do something. But we are wrong, if a parent actively involve their child education they will learn many more things. In pre school learning age they need a parents guidance. With crafts their hidden ability come out. Mind will become sharp. Children show their ideas into reality and creativity.

Tricks For Crafting in Pre School:- Give your child a present of blocks or play dough. With these things they can make lots of creative things you can’t imagine. If these things are not available at home give cards to your child and say them to make a hut, a wall and even a shape. They can make a bracelet by beads or a festival card.

Letter Tracing A-Z – May Be Difficult But Not Impossible in Pre School Learning

Every parent want at the age of 4 their children should know at least A-Z. So, letter tracing is a good way to teach them ABC. At age of 3 most children learn to speak ABCs but writing is may be difficult. Again they need parents help for learning letters. In pre school learning, sometimes parent help to pen down with their kids.

Tricks For Letter tracing:- 1. Give them a sheet and start from A. Each day do one letter until they learn.

2. Buy a book of letter tracing and give them to do. You can buy it online, any stationary store or you can print it online.

3. In Microsoft word make a sheet of capital letters, laminate it and give your child to write with erasable marker. You can teach your child his name by this way.

Note:- When children deal with pens and pencils parents’ must accompany them. Initially they may be harm their self buy sharp objects.

Counting 1-10 In Pre School Learning

If we start counting at home a child learn easily. In the age of 3 or 4 children may be not familiar with the topic counting. We as parents’, carefully teach them in easy way. It is also helpful in Kindergarten too. We shouldn’t stress them to learn more but, with fun teach counting and they start to understand.

Tricks For Counting:- 1. Count your fingers, family members, table and chairs.

2. Use the abacus for counting. I have beads and my children love to count with them.

3. Count color pens and pencils. And many more things like candy chocolate, tree, flowers and other household things you want to.

4. For writing number, you give them a sheet and teach one number each day.

5. Place a number chart on the wall of your home. It will help them to identify numbers.

Invest Time In Your Little Ones

In conclusion, I must say that pre school learning is foundation of whole education, and parents play equal role in that education. Only teachers can’t teach them everything. I personally believe, if we teach them forcefully they can’t learn but with tricks and fun, they learn more and remember for long time.

These are the simple tricks for those parents who want to help their kids in preschool learning. Moreover, little ones also like to play with puzzles, Lego pieces etc. Parents can also inspire their brain for doing something. Invest time in your little ones and you will see the best results.

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