4 Educational activities that keep preschooler busy at home.

“An idle mind is the place of devil’s workshop”. So, it is with kids. If we do not give some work to them they will do some mischief and it is difficult to keep children busy every time. Sometimes, they are not like our advice and want to do, whatever they want. It is in child’s nature that they can’t sit for long time and you can’t control their natural flow.

What is busy in kids? Busy meaning having a great deal to do or engaged in an activity. Children of all ages like to play indoor and outdoor games. They like to play with toys. In other words, toys are their best friends. ”So, if” we give them educational toys, it will work like ‘icing on the cake’. They will play and learn both at a same time. 

There are some educational activities & things that keep preschooler busy at home:- 

Drawing Books, Color pencils & Crayons

First educational activity is drawing, meaning to draw something. A picture or a diagram made with a pen, pencil or crayon, it enhances their visual art. When children outline any figure, it grows their imagination. When we say a child, to draw a shape or something he/she like to, they start to think in their mind, and it develops their mental strengths. 


Drawing books come in pre drew shapes or plain pages. Some of them have famous cartoon characters like Paw Petrol and Peppa Pig, children love to filling colors in it. It is called Coloring Pad or Coloring & Activity Book. When a child just a head start of his education, to draw something with colors is first step of his education. Every child must have these drawing books, color pencils and crayons at home. These things give happiness to children as well as boost a child’s creativity. With that they can to draw shapes and fill colors. It improves their hand eye coordination and good exercise for their hands, fingers and wrists. Things like color books and crayons keep children busy for long time.

Play-doh or Playdough

Play-doh is another thing that keeps children busy and creative. Play-Doh is soft and sticky compound which is very helpful for kids molding shapes. It is made of flour, salt and water. They make different pattern and shapes with play dough. Their creativity with play dough making different things is remarkable. Play dough is reusable substance and can be used for long time.

Play-Doh comes in different colors. While picking, rolling and molding play dough give good exercise to a child’s hands. Pre schooler can make alphabet as well as numbers with it. It keeps children engaged for long time. Play-Doh is not too costly, and available in every stationary store. So, give your children different color play dough to check their imagination. 

Lego Sets, May Be Expensive But Helful For Kids 

Lego sets are most enjoyable and educational toys for preschooler. Its educational value is incomparable. Lego bricks develop their fine motor skills. Their imagination expand and children learn to make different shapes with it. Lego sets come in different shapes and some sets have very tiny pieces. It keeps them busy for long time. Lego bricks come in simple and complex ideas. Some sets come with instruction to complete. Children feel winner, when they complete it. Lego are available in new as well as used form. Some people think that Lego has no more charm, because its complicated than before, but I find them still educational because, It supports learn by doing.

Some characteristics of Lego sets:-

  • Available in low to high price.
  • Age groups also varies.
  • No. of pieces is different from one another.
  • Pieces come in different shapes.

Alphabet & Numbers Board 

Alphabet board are a pattern of capital and small letters. This helps to alphabet recognition from ages 3 to 5. These wooden tracing board helps to children develop their fine motor skills which nurture their fingers, hands and wrists by simply tracing letters. 

These toys come in wooden, magnetic and electronic form. Preschooler can learn alphabet and numbers from them. 

Wooden alphabet educational toys increase their vocabulary. Develop their imagination. With these wooden alphabet letters, they can learn the spelling of their own name, their siblings and parents name. These wooden alphabet letters set come in capital and small letters. These are come in puzzles form too.

Wooden numbers help to learn to count. Usually, preschooler need to learn up to 1-10. They learn recognition of numbers. But with these you can teach them as high as you can.

Electronic educational toys come in tablet and activity desk from and when, a child press a word; it makes sound of that letter. It is helpful because with these, kids learn sound and recognition of letters & numbers. These are available in letters and numbers form and some have both on it. Alphabet letters electronic educational toys are also come in uppercase and lowercase letters.

A Little Investment Can Make Them Creative 

We, as parents want our kids may learn as much as they can. We want to make them creative, imaginative and educated from beginning. Our first priority is our kids, so we want them to be busy but in creative things. When, they learn something, it makes us happy. So the above educational toys can make them busy and they learn from them. My kids have an Alphabet tablet, electronic explore and write activity desk and plenty of Lego bricks at home which is very helpful to them and work as a teaching aid. These above educational activities help them to keep busy learn and boost their creativity from preschool age.

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