Video games and electronics for kids 


Many parents worry children spend too much time in front of a screen and, up to a point, this is a valid concern. However, there’s a lot of educational value in video games adults tend to ignore. Most games require strategy and teach children to follow a goal. You cannot get to the next level until you build this and that and the kids will learn to be patient and pursue their goal. This is an excellent life skill, don’t you think? Even the simplest shooter game will teach a child about hand to eye coordination and angles, not to mention the improvement in reaction times. It’s not about the hand that clicks a button, it’s about the brain learning to tell those muscles when to click.

Take a game like Minecraft which allows children to build their own realms, populate them with all sorts of creatures, and manage resources. This type of game enriches children’s imagination and makes them come up with intricate designs they teach themselves how to execute.

Have you ever thought about how much math a game involves? The child will have no trouble calculating how much XP he needs to reach the next level or how many wood blocks will he need to build two bridges across the river.

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