Hi Everyone, 

Welcome to my website My Kids Learning. This is a learning approach for those parents who want to make their kid’s education in better way 

With my website, I want to help parents to choose good books on parenting and to make their understanding better to improve their parenting style. Moreover, I will write reviews on different toys and educational toys, so that parents can decide what is the best for their kids. 

In this journey, I will write time to time new articles to enhance your knowledge about general topics related to kids and their learning from beginning. 

I personally believe, at some point we as a parent feel exhausted and we need of someone’s help to solve the problem. So, don’t worry, I am here to help you out.  

As we know learning is lifelong process and part of our growth. It enlightens our mind. I am passionate about learning new things in every area of my life but more about kids, because it becomes my need when, I started to teach in a school. I learn lots of strategies to improve my teaching skill. Now, as a mother of three kids, I am learning how can I improve my parenting and use my teaching techniques to help them in their home schooling.

A Story About My Teaching Life 

I started my journey as a teacher and helped those students who were not able learn as many subjects as they want. Then, I face a challenging phase because I am master in one subject but a student need help in many subjects. Some students below average in Math, some have poor handwriting, and some had low understanding of English. So, this led me to learn more strategies to satisfy my teaching and student needs. 

My Goal 


My goal is to satisfy my teaching skills as well as I want to help those parents, who want help in their kid’s homework, Pre-Schooling and basic resources available for homeschooling.  Sometimes, it is difficult for parents to know where and in what age they start their kid’s education. What tools they use for Pre-Schooling and home study options for toddlers. 

I hope, with true intentions, I will help kids and parents who need help and it will give true happiness to me. 



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