Preschool & learning by doing letter tracing, painting, crafts

Preschool is an important part of a child’s life. In other words, it is essential part of child’s education in which parents prepare their kids for Kindergarten or school . In My Kids Learning website we are providing the services and resources that are essential for your kids homeschooling and you can develop you kids alphabetical and numbers education, painting and crafting skills and handwriting skill too.

If you want your kids to have an easy start in school make sure they have plenty of craft sets and drawing supplies to play with. The simple act of holding a brush or a crayon to make a drawing improves fine motor skills children need when they start writing. Using colors and mixing them as they please allows them to develop their artistic skills and express feelings they might not yet know how to put to words.

Painting also allows children to sharpen their observational abilities and their sense of proportion.

Don’t tell your kid what to do, rules and instructions are not important, what matters is them developing their imagination.

Some experts say you shouldn’t try to teach your kid how to write before going to school, others say that you should, it’s hard to know what’s best. As a rule, if the child enjoys an activity, there’s no harm in teaching your child how to trace letters. On the contrary, if you show them the fun part of learning they might adapt easier in school. After all, it won’t be so different: Its just like the game Mom taught me when I was three!

Their are some resources available to the preschooler and that can make their alphabetical, numbers and grasping power better and they can learn by doing. I personally not advised parents to rely on app leaning. Their are plenty of resources that supports a child education learning by doing. We can make our kid creative by crafting, drawing and painting. You can print out from our website and make your preschooler’s education better.



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