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Do you think dolls and dollhouses are old-fashioned? Millions of little girls out there beg to differ. This sort of toys prepares those little girls for life, starting with the concept of love. All kids have a favorite toy and most girls treat that special doll with all the love their mothers treat them. They imitate their mothers when they feed the doll and put it to sleep, they worry when the doll is sick and needs medicine, just as they will do with their own kids later on.

Watching little girls playing with a dollhouse is an interesting psychological experiment as it allows you to understand what they make of human relationships. The way your child talks to her doll often betrays how she feels about the way you treat her. When the girl raises her voice or is very strict with the doll you should pay close attention, it might indicate that you’re being too strict. She doesn’t complain and perhaps she’s too young to formulate a critical thought, she just imitates.

If you have several kids, this innocent game might tell you a lot about the complex relationships between them and sibling rivalries.

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