About Us

Hi everyone, I am Palwinder and I have dedicated my life to children. I’ve been around children all my life, first as a teacher and then as the mother of three.

In both capacities, I’ve always tried to understand what is the most important thing kids need to have a good start in life. And it always comes back to education.

A good education starts at home, and as a teacher, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to see what a difference dedicated parents make. Talking to so many parents over the years, I know all about your worries about your children’s education and I’m here to help!

I am passionate about learning new things every day, especially about children’s psychology and good parenting, and I want to share that with you. Helping your children to fulfill their potential is easy, you don’t need a degree for that, you just need love and attention.

When I’m not busy with the children, I take a little time for myself and hide in my reading nook with a good book, until one of the kids finds me! That happens quite often so on a fine day I go for a long walk while listening to an audiobook. If you’ve never done that you should really try it!


Mykidslearning.com Team

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